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Ativan for Anxiety Disorders
Ativan drug is a generic form of Lorazepam that is used to treat anxiety. It is a drug that belongs to the class of benzodiazepines. Since it is medically approved, prescriptions can be administered to help individuals deal with anxiety disorders in the short-term. Besides that, Ativan can also be used to treat symptoms of depression.
Administration of Ativan
Ativan is available in tablets. You can take the tablets alone, or accompany it with food, or as directed by your physician. The dosage amount depends on your condition and your response to treatment. Some patients are looking to buy Ativan online at lower price. You can only use it at regular intervals for medication as directed by your doctor.

Prolonged use of Ativan for anxiety treatment may trigger withdrawal reactions especially if you take high doses for more than 4 weeks. Also, individuals who have a history of alcoholism and drug abuse, or any other personality disorder may experience the withdrawal reactions. Notable symptoms of Ativan withdrawal include:

  • disturbed sleeping
  • diarrhea
  • diminished appetite
  • abdominal pain
  • racing heartbeat
  • memory loss in the short term
  • light headedness
  • tingling sensations
  • high fever


To mitigate the reaction that comes with sudden withdrawal, your physician may gradually reduce your regular dose. Also, if you experience a combination of these symptoms then you should visit your doctor immediately.
Guidelines on Dosage
Generally, the daily dosage of brand or generic pills of Ativan for treating anxiety disorder is 2-3mg. And if you are taking this medication for the above purpose then your doctor should ideally prescribe a lower dose for a short period say one week. Thereafter, he can make a follow up on the effectiveness and side effects of the prescribed dosage.

Who Should Abstain from using Ativan
Unless prescribed, you should not use Ativan if you have allergic reaction or acute glaucoma. Also, it is not advisable to use this medication if you are expecting a baby or you are breast feeding. As of now, it is not clear whether Ativan is safe for children below the age of 12 years.
Drug Interactions
Actually, there are quite a number of drugs that have the potential to interact with Ativan. Some of these include sedatives, barbiturates, if you buy Orlistat Kaufen and use anticonvulsants,or many of the anesthetics.  You should inform your physician about these medications before you get your prescriptions.
Side Effects of Ativan:
The most widely known side effects of using Ativan include sedation, faintness, fatigue, and unsteadiness. Mental effects that may co-occur with physical effects include diminished memory and ability to concentrate. The intensity of side effects tends to increase as one increase the doses and as one grows old.
The risk of psychological and physical dependence increases when you take Ativan for a long time. Also, if you discontinue using it, then you are likely to experience the symptoms of withdrawal.  Chances are high that you may also experience respiratory depression from using this medication.
Make sure that you follow the indications for discontinuing or changing the dosage as provided by your physician.  Also, you should cease operation of dangerous machinery or participation in high risk activities until you are sure of how you will react to the drug.

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