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Pharmacy Awareness

American Pharmacists: The Growing Shortage and the P.D.A. Foundation's Pharmacy Awareness

The health and pharmaceutical industries are exploding with new developments on the cutting edge of scientific discovery and patient care. With the recent mapping of the human genome, the general aging of the population, an increase in the number of exotic diseases in the US, as well as environmental hazards, pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy professionals serve as key solution providers for improving the health of the public

According to the Center for Disease Control (2004 report), 44% of Americans are taking at least one prescription medicine and nearly 17% are taking three or more. As the population ages and Buy Tramadol Germany medicine advances occur more frequently, these numbers are expected to increase. There are now many new opportunities for professional growth, financial rewards and an exceptional future in the fields of pharmacy and pharmaceutical research.

Despite these trends, and the significant opportunities in all areas of the field of pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, at current levels of pharmacy school enrollments, by the year 2020 there will be a shortage of 150,000 pharmacists in the United States alone. At the 18,000 independent pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities and pharmaceutical corporations that require trained pharmacists; there are already 8000 unfilled positions (source: American Pharmacists Association). Trends indicate that the demand will only continue to increase.

Equally as critical as the shortage of institutional and retail pharmacists is the shortage of skilled medical and pharmaceutical scientists working in academia and industry. This further shortage could seriously hamper the research, development and manufacture of new pharmaceutical products needed to improve health care.

In response to these recognized needs, The Parenteral Drug Association Foundation for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Inc. (hotlink to P.D.A.Foundation.org), in conjunction with WLIW New York Public Television (hotlink to WLIW.org) and several national pharmacy professional associations and pharmaceutical industry corporations (link to sponsors page), has developed a three-year campaign designed to highlight the needs and opportunities in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences as important areas of health care currently facing a critical staffing shortage.

The Parenteral Drug Association Foundation for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Inc. (P.D.A. Foundation), a 501(c) (3) not-for-profit corporation, raises funds and provides grants to educators and graduate students for specific study proposals designed to advance the basic pharmaceutical and applied sciences. Through its grant program, the Foundation seeks to help alleviate the shortage of skilled medical and pharmaceutical scientists, a situation that could hamper the research, development and manufacture of new pharmaceutical products and delivery technologies needed to improve healthcare. To further this commitment, the P.D.A. Foundation has developed this Pharmacy Awareness.

The major components of the P.D.A. Foundation's "Pharmacy Awareness Campaign" are:

Pharmacy Awareness