WELCOME TO GoPharmacy!

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Welcome to GoPharmacy!

Pharmacists: Unsung Heroes traces the history and developments of pharmacy while providing a deeper understanding of the resources provided by pharmacists in hopes of encouraging more people to enter the field whether in community pharmacy, research or academic education.

The program will broadcast nationwide this fall on public television stations, kicking off a campaign to raise public awareness for the modern practice of pharmacy and a recruitment effort to generate interest among young people in a career in pharmacy.


The impact of the Pharmacists: Unsung Heroes project relies on the efforts and creativity of members from partnering organizations in utilizing the materials and creating opportunities for direct contact with young people, creating new understanding and respect for pharmacists, and inspiring the brightest to enter the profession.


Pharmacists: Unsung Heroes was produced by WLIW New York Public Television in association with Parenteral Drug Association Foundation for Pharmaceutical Sciences, Inc. (P.D.A. Foundation) and made possible in part by the following sponsors: American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy; Pfizer US Pharmaceuticals, Tramadol Germany, Pfizer Inc; American Society of Health-System Pharmacists; Monster®; Nina Dale Demuth Fund; Roche; American Pharmacists Association; Lachman Enterprises, Inc.; Pall Corporation; Wyeth Pharmaceuticals; and Macy's.

Additional Resources

A 20-minute companion video for educators targeted for students in grades 9-12 who might consider a career in pharmacy will be available to high schools through their local public television station's Instructional Television Services (ITV) department.

You can find Online Pharmacy Reviews here.

A Teacher Guide will also accompany the companion video to help local educators facilitate use of the program. It will be available to download at later date.

More work coming soon