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What You should know about Xanax for Anxiety

Xanax, also known as generic version Alprazolam, is a medical drug that falls under the category of benzodiazepines drugs. Xanax is prescribed mostly for anxiety treatment, although the medicine is used to treat a panic disorder in some cases. Majority of adults use this drug to manage their anxiety. When used as prescribed, this medication can help reduce anxiety, control seizures, and relax muscles. Besides the usual indications, this drug can also be used to treat irritation, insomnia, and other cognitive disorders.

Xanax prescription drug is used to treat a generalized anxiety disorder. This condition is more serious than usual anxiety that people might feel sometime. Since it is a chronic condition, the victim experiences heightened levels of tension and anxiety while there?s no reason really to justify such levels of tension. You can buy Xanax with prescription from any local drugstore. The symptoms of anxiety experienced by patients are different and common ones include:

  • nervousness
  • apprehension/fear
  • withdrawal from social events
  • racing heart
  • loss of breath control
  • Unexplained sweating
  • Fear of going berserk
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Besides treating general anxiety, this drug sometime is taken to medicate anxiety that results from stressful situations or events. In addition, it can also be used to relieve the symptoms that come along with depression. Depression and anxiety go hand in hand and Xanax has proven useful as remedy for this type of anxiety.
How Xanax Works
Xanax prescription drug functions by reducing the manifestation of several effects of anxiety on the body.  This is the same principle that governs the functioning of CNS depressants and sedatives. Drugs in this category, work by promoting the effects of GABA, a chemical that has calming properties. GABA obstructs the transmission of nerve impulses in the brain thus limiting the sensation of pain that a person experiences.
Besides reducing anxiety, Xanax also triggers insomnia, stops seizures, relaxes muscles, and impairs memory in the short term. The degree of effects varies depending on the type of drug that is taken.

Side Effects
Individuals who use Xanax to medicate anxiety experience quite a number of side effects. Major side effects include tiredness, drowsiness, and poor coordination. Often, the side effects are minor and so they require little or no medical intervention when they occur. There are also a number of serious side effects such as suicidal thoughts, jaundice, and hallucinations. These should be reported to the physician when they occur.
Depending on your condition and health status, you may or may not experience all of the above symptoms. Regretfully, there is no way for physicians to know whether or not you will have side effects from the drugs if you are using it for the first time.  So, if you experience any side effects, then you should inform your physician that something is wrong

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